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A skilled local guide can add to an experience, whether for 2 hours or a full day. They can help you locate elusive wildlife, tell you tales of local lore and connect you to the history and culture of the area you’re visiting.

The following tour/experience companies provide a variety of guided tours and experiences, many of which you can cater to fit your interest and plans.

See the authentic Canadian outdoors from sunrise to night sky, for half-day, evening or multi-day… at Haliburton Forest you can find help with Canoeing, comping learn about wolves, walk with a hawk, try clay target shooting, learn all about the wood production industry, make your own paddle and so much more.

Contact Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve for more information

LOCATION:        Haliburton Forest, 1095 Redkenn Road, Haliburton, ON

Deep Roots Adventure – Experience

Deep Roots Adventure’s goal is to provide all the skills and tools needed for individuals, families, groups, and youth to become capable and confident in the wild.

Contact Deep Roots Adventure to book your spot or for more information

LOCATION:        Kingscote Outpost, 4071 Elephant Lake Road, Harcourt, ON

Your Outdoors – Experience

Yours Outdoors is a community of guides, environmental and outdoor professionals, artists, local characters, accommodators, restaurateurs and other service providers committed to delivering high quality, unique and authentic experiences, and excellent customer services.

Contact Yours Outdoors for more information

LOCATION:        Various locations throughout Haliburton County

Greenmantle Mineral Tours – Experience

“Experience a guided a eco-tour at Greenmantle Mineral Tours to see this this globally significant mineral occurrence including the rare mineral fluororichterite in its only known location in Canada, plus apatite, hornblende, orthoclase, quartz, clinohumite and more. The combination of rarity and the undisturbed state of the mineral deposits provide a great opportunity for those wishing to learn more about how the rock underneath creates our natural world above. Mineral samples from Greenmantle are in museums around the world and the best way to learn about the minerals is to see the living museum for yourself.”

Contact Greenmantle Mineral Tours to book your spot or for more information

LOCATION:        1984 Essonville Line, Wilberforce

Spirit of the Waterfalls – Experience

Seven unique Transformative Nature Experiences called ‘Shamanic Journeys’ teach Journeyers how to energetically tune in, connect, communicate & co-create with the Consciousness of Water by singing, chanting, sounding, drumming, hiking, meditating, reflecting, sharing, reflecting, storytelling & laughing!

Contact Spirit of the Waterfalls for more information

LOCATION:        5012 Elephant Lake Road