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Scenic Chairlift Rides & Observation Tower

Hiking Trails, Mountain Biking Experiences, Scenic Colour Chairlift Rides and our new 60 feet Observation Tower for all the views of the colours in the highlands, we also have a fantastic BBQ to accompany these tours !

DATE:                 Available weekends

LOCATION:        Sir Sam’s Ski / Ride – 1054 Liswood Road

TIME:                 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Hawk Walk – Experience

Take your hike to new heights with a feathered friend from Royal Canadian Falconry. Join a licensed falconer for a relaxing “Hawk Walk” through the woods at Haliburton Forest. Your falconer will guide you as you learn about birds of prey with a majestic bird soaring along overhead. Birds of prey are the ‘wolves of the sky,’ and you’ll see why when they accept you as one of the pack!

Contact Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve for more information

DATES:               Saturday, September 23rd

LOCATION:        Haliburton Forest, 1095 Redkenn Road, Haliburton, ON

TIME:                 10 AM to 10:45 AM

High Falls Paddle, Explore & Dine – Experience

This 5 hour guided adventure will have you paddling up the York River into Algonquin Park in your watercraft of choice (kayak or paddleboard) and then hiking up the gorgeous boulder-strewn banks of the York River past rapids and waterfalls until you get to High Falls! There guests can enjoy time and an around the waterfall and a sumptuous meal provided by our partners AM/PM Outdoor Gourmet! After lunch and time with the water we will hike and paddle back to the Outpost.

Contact Deep Roots Adventure to book your spot or for more information

DATES:                 Wednesday, September 20th or Saturday, September 23rd

LOCATION:        Kingscote Outpost, 4071 Elephant Lake Road, Harcourt, ON

TIME:                 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Intro to Foraging for Wild Edible Mushroom – Experience

This immersive wilderness experience will bring you into the forest with a single delicious goal in mind: how to identify, find, and harvest wild edible mushrooms!

Mushroom hunting is a fascinating, gratifying, and often misunderstood outdoor activity. Come learn the basics of foraging for these fungal wonders of nature, learn tricks of the forager’s trade, and have a blast doing it!

Contact Yours Outdoors for more information

DATE:                 Wednesday, September 20th, Saturday, September 23rd

LOCATION:        Various locations throughout Haliburton County

TIME:                 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Greenmantle Mineral Tours – Experience

“Experience a guided a eco-tour at Greenmantle Mineral Tours to see this this globally significant mineral occurrence including the rare mineral fluororichterite in its only known location in Canada, plus apatite, hornblende, orthoclase, quartz, clinohumite and more. The combination of rarity and the undisturbed state of the mineral deposits provide a great opportunity for those wishing to learn more about how the rock underneath creates our natural world above. Mineral samples from Greenmantle are in museums around the world and the best way to learn about the minerals is to see the living museum for yourself.”

Contact Greenmantle Mineral Tours to book your spot or for more information

LOCATION:        1984 Essonville Line, Wilberforce

Tarpology 101 – Experience

Two of the most useful, versatile, yet underappreciated, backcountry skills are a knowledge of knot-tying and the many uses of a compact, lightweight tarp. In this day-long, hands-on practical workshop, you will learn how to stay dry even in heavy rains, to create shade on those blistering sunny days, to block cold winds, to keep you warm in cold temperatures, and even mitigate the problem of blackflies and mosquitoes.

Contact Yours Outdoors for more information

DATE:                 Friday, Saturday or Sunday of September, 22nd, 23rd & 24th

LOCATION:        Various Locations

TIME:                 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Spirit of the Waterfalls – Experience

Seven unique Transformative Nature Experiences called ‘Shamanic Journeys’ teach Journeyers how to energetically tune in, connect, communicate & co-create with the Consciousness of Water by singing, chanting, sounding, drumming, hiking, meditating, reflecting, sharing, reflecting, storytelling & laughing!

Contact Spirit of the Waterfalls for more information

LOCATION:        5012 Elephant Lake Road